Can I shop in person or come for a mill tour?

We are not currently offering any tours at our Queen St mill and dye house, but we are so proud to welcome you to our brick & mortar yarn store! You'll find everything Spincycle has to offer, along with a carefully curated selection of yarn from our favorite dyers and some pretty fabulous knitting accoutrements.

Spincycle Yarns & Supply Co.
112 Grand Avenue 
Bellingham WA 98225

We are open Tuesday-Saturday 10am - 6pm and Sunday 12pm - 4pm. We are closed Mondays. 

How do I make a special request about my order?

We want y'all to be happy with your yarns, so please take advantage of the order notes box at the bottom of the shopping cart. That's the right spot to tell us exactly what you're looking for in your skein! Super saturated? Pale and wintry? The one with more blue and less pink? We will do our very best! 

Please note: We cannot honor requests emailed after purchase or through any other method; you must use the order notes box in the shopping cart.

 Can I make a change to my existing order or combine shipping on multiple orders?

We are not able to combine shipping on multiple orders, nor can we make any adjustments to your order once it has been processed and packaged for shipping. Please double check your cart before clicking through payment. If you purchased the wrong colorway by mistake, you can email orders@spincycleyarns.com to request an order cancellation. If we get your message in time, we will cancel and refund the order. If the order is already in process or has shipped, see our returns policy below.

 Can you let me know when an item is back in stock?

If the colorway or item you want is not in stock, you can sign up to receive a restock notification by email. Look for the EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE option available on any out-of-stock item.

When an item has been out of stock for a while, or is popular due to a new pattern release, there may be a LOT of folks signed up for restock notifications. When we stock the item, all of the restock notifications go out at the same time. Depending on when you check your email, the item might already be sold out again by the time you click over. 

 I think I got cart-jacked. What's up with that?
Adding yarn to your cart won't reserve it for you. It isn't yours until you make it all the way through the purchase process. We get a lot of emails from folks whose coveted items disappeared from their carts while shopping for more yarn or while checking out. Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer shopping cart holds. That's a very sweet feature you've probably enjoyed when buying airline or concert tickets, but it's just not a thing on small business commerce websites. To be as fast as possible during checkout, consider using one of the several express checkout features on your laptop or phone, such as Apple Pay or PayPal.
 Can you wind my yarn into balls for me?

We can wind your skeins into balls for a fee. Click here for that service. Wound yarn is not eligible for returns, unless there was a fulfillment error on our end.

What are your shipping rates?

Up-to-date info about shipping can be found here for domestic orders, or here for international orders. 

How do I make a return? 
Click here to find out!
 Can I get a discount code?

With the exception of our seconds mystery bags, we seldom offer discounts or sales. The reason for keeping our pricing constant is that we don't want to undercut our stockists. We do our best to respect all of the work that yarn shops put into this industry.

Regarding our yarn prices: We have a staff of twenty+ highly trained folks making your yarn. They have each undertaken a huge amount of on-the-job training to learn to mill yarn and to maintain and fix machinery. It is really important to us that working at Spincycle Yarns be a viable career for everyone who works here, so we provide healthcare, retirement benefits, livable wages, sick and holiday pay, profit sharing, and a safe and clean work environment. When you purchase Spincycle Yarns, you make all of this possible. Thank you!

 Where is your wool from? 

Our wool is grown, processed, dyed and spun in the USA. The only part of the process we don't do ourselves is the scouring and combing. We don't have the capacity to scour and comb the 10+ tons of wool that we move through our mill each year, so that part is done for us at Chargeurs mill in South Carolina.

The non-superwashed wool that we use in Trine is a blend of Corriedale, Rambouillet and Columbia breeds, from sheep raised in Wyoming and Colorado. Our superwashed wool blend, used for Dyed In The Wool, Dream State, and Plump, consists of Rambouillet, Targhee and Merino breeds, raised primarily in South Dakota and Wyoming. Wilder is Wyoming-raised Rambouillet. Our Nocturne is the only non-US-grown wool we buy, and it is non-superwashed European merino. Metamorphic is a blended combination of any or all of the above. 

The sheep that supply us with our wool are 100% non-mulesed.

I ordered the same colorway on separate occasions but my skeins don't look alike. Is this a mistake? 

When we pull the yarns for your online order, skeins from the same colorway will be a good match to one another. However, lots - and even skeins within lots - vary pretty wildly! That's due to our unique "dyed in the wool" process, in which we dye the fiber before it is spun into yarn, resulting in slow color changes and completely unique skeins!

We recommend that you purchase all skeins for a project at once so that we can make sure they match well. Should you need to match an existing skein with a new purchase, feel free to email a photo to orders@spincycleyarns.com. We will be happy to help make the best match possible from on-hand stock.

 I found a slub or splice in my skein. What’s up with that?

Our mill is pretty small, as mills go. And the process is still very hands on... very human. No skein is perfect! Though we aim high, idiosyncrasies happen. If you run into a slub, it can usually be teased out gently. Splices aren't common in our skeins, but do occur when we need to join an end from one bobbin to an end from another to wind off a full yardage skein. We use a mechanical, compressed air splicer to ensure a very firm splice that will not pull apart, and we make sure to join yarns at matching color sections.

Please contact us if you feel you’ve received a skein that has slipped past quality control and is too irregular.

 How should I care for my knitted items?
For high contrast colorwork, we recommend steam blocking to avoid color transfer. Some dye colors are notoriously difficult to set, and may exhaust some color even after our final wash. Please keep this in mind if you are combining any hand dyed yarn with a light color in the same project. If you plan to combine a hand dyed yarn, especially a very saturated colorway, with a lighter yarn, we suggest you test your darker skeins for possible color transfer by soaking them first. To wash your knitwear, a quick cold water dip with a no-rinse wool wash is recommended. 
 Do you offer yarn support for designers? 
Heck yeah, we do! Click to read about our Designer Support Program