Meet Metamorphic, our environmentally kind and conscious, zero waste yarn! Why are we so into this yarn? I mean, ok, yes, it’s gorgeous, it’s small-batch, it’s perfect for all kinds of garments.

But hang on, y’all, because that’s just a start. As you look closely at this yarn, you'll see a whole spectrum of colors, blended together in each unique batch.

That’s because this yarn is recycled from mill waste generated during the production of Dyed In The Wool and Dream State!

Throughout several stages of the milling process, our machines shed a little "waste" fiber, or tiny bits that are un-spinnable. It had begun to add up around here, so we worked with our neighbor mill, Abundant Earth, who has the means to blend fiber more efficiently than we do, to develop a way to turn our waste fiber into something beautiful and usable. What we settled on was a blended mix of 50% mill leftovers plus 50% "new" (previously unmilled) merino wool, to make this dynamic, tonal gorgeousness.

Because of the extremely small-batch nature of this yarn, and the beautiful chaos of the blending process, these lots are truly one of a kind. 

Now available from select stockists!

dk weight • 50% recycled american wool* + 50% merino wool • 400 yards per skein • hand wash or machine wash cold, lay flat to dry • MADE IN THE USA