Contact Us

Thinking about sending an email? First, please read our FAQ page! We've answered our most often asked questions there. Because of our small customer service team (spoiler: it's just Madeline!) and to make the best use of their time, they are not able to respond to questions already covered in the FAQs. 

Madeline works Tuesday through Saturday, and when they’re not shipping your orders, they check this email frequently. 

If you have a question or concern about your recent online order, need help with tracking, or wish to cancel an order that has not processed yet, please email Please note that we do not have additional information on the location of your package other than that which is provided by the tracking number. 

If you have a simple request for advice about colors or yarn for a project (one that can be asked and answered in a two-email exchange), fire away! But if you anticipate wanting to chat more or see photos of in-stock yarn options, you’ll want to book a virtual appointment! Find that link here