We are Kate and Rachel, and we began this business as a handspinnery back in 2004, the two of us kettle dyeing and spinning all of our yarn in small batches and selling at our local farmers’ market. In 2012, a little fiber mill opened its doors just south of our Bellingham, Washington studio and dye house. Soon after, we partnered with them to begin production of a millspun yarn that would maintain the look of our handspun yarn while allowing us to produce it at a much faster pace.

Turns out that was a pretty good idea. In the summer of 2017, we bought that mill and moved the whole operation up to Bellingham and under one roof. We now dye, spin, design, package and ship everything from our little warehouse on Queen Street. We employ eleven badass women, and the thirteen of us crank it up and crank it out seven days a week!

All of our yarns are dyed in the wool, a slow but oh-so-worth-it kettle dyeing process resulting in long color changes and unpredictable transitions through the skein... Every skein is like a snowflake! Or a fingerprint! One-of-a-kind, like every knitted project.

Folks who have worked with our yarns before know that, although we do our darnedest to photograph everything in real light, every skein is unique (we can't say that enough!) & therefore probably won't look exactly, precisely like the ones in the photos. Think of our colorways as moods! Pick yours and watch the layers unfold.

All of our wool is grown, processed, dyed and spun in the USA.

Our superwashed wool blend consists of Rambouillet, Targhee and Merino breeds, raised primarily in South Dakota and Wyoming. The Wool used in our non-superwashed yarns is a blend of Corriedale, Rambouillet, and Columbia sheep raised in Colorado and Wyoming.

The sheep that supply us with our wool are 100% non-mulesed. 


We Backed BIPOC in Fiber

We support BIPOC in fiber