Spincycle Yarns Designer Support Program

Thank you for your interest in Spincycle Yarns. We are so happy that our yarns inspire your creativity. If you’d like to know more about Spincycle as a company, visit Our Story

Spincycle Yarns offers yarn support as well as collaborative promotion for qualifying design ideas! We love working with new designers as well as our recurring collaborators. There isn’t a pattern too small or too big for designer support and cross promotion. Before we send you yarn, we want to make sure we are setting each other up for mutual success! Spend a moment on the questions below.

We want to be able to cross promote your pattern in our weekly newsletter and on Instagram. For this reason, having a really good set of photos is non-negotiable. Since most patterns are not available to peruse until they’ve been purchased, the quality of your photoshoot is how you send the message that your design is also quality. No matter how good the design is, if the photos are not good, we cannot promote or share them in our newsletter or on IG. 
In order to be able to cross promote your design on our social media and in our newsletter, you must send us a set of professional and/or high quality photos* one to two weeks before the release date. 

* These days, taking great photos doesn’t necessarily require a fancy camera. Most smart phones take excellent pics. It’s all about lighting and composition! If you're new to pattern photography and not sure how to get started, here are some tips on how to create a beautiful photo set: this one is about basic photo composition and this one gets into some tips on portraiture. 


A set of professional photos checks all of the following boxes:
  • High resolution (72dpi and long edge must be at least 1080p); 
  • Well lit (natural or studio lighting);  
  • Includes at least three different angles: back, front, and flat lay are good places to start; 
  • Includes modeled shots, aka on a human (bonus points if that human is you, the designer);
  • Includes both tight, cropped closeups as well as pics that show the whole design;
  • Free of background clutter or other distractions; 
  • Not overly reliant on filters;
  • Free of text overlay.


Thank you for taking time to read through what we ask of designers to whom we send yarn support. As you might have guessed, our production and marketing teams here are quite busy, which is why failure to meet the requirements listed above may result in us having to withdraw pattern support/promotion. That said, we’ve been doing this for many years now, so if you are new to design and have questions or need clarification on any point, please don’t hesitate to ask!

When you are ready to design, reach out to designersupport@spincycleyarns.com with your contact and shipping info and a list of what you need in the way of yarn support, and we will get this ball rolling! Please include yarn line, colorway(s) and yardage needs. We can’t wait to support your creativity with a care package of our yarn! 


Kate, Rachel, and the Spincycle team 


 Timeline for yarn support and pattern cross promotion:

This is what an ideal timeline looks like for us. This is not a comprehensive list of all the things a designer will need to do; this is strictly from the perspectives of our yarn mill and marketing team! 

2-6 months before target release date: Send us an email with your proposal and yarn wish list. We can discuss yarn availability, possible discontinuations, space on our production calendar, etc., and we will still have ample time to ship yarn to you.

2-3 months before target release date: Finalize your colorway selection. Remember, we are not just hand dyers! We are a wool mill, and our yarn production begins in the dye house and then moves into the mill to be pin drafted, spun, plied, washed, twisted and tagged. We need plenty of lead time in order to have good inventory numbers for the yarns used in your pattern! 

Put out a testing call and tag us so that we can share it. We’ll send you a discount code to share with your test group to encourage them to use Spincycle. Please be thoughtful of your testers making the larger sizes. If they need more time, give it!

1-2 months before target release date: Send us a draft copy, even if it is still in testing. We may decide to have our own sample made, and/or some of our staff here may make their own, which is always excellent for pattern promotion! 

1 month before target release date: Finalize your pattern release date. If we have other releases that conflict with the date, we can try to move some things around. 

2 weeks before release: Send us your final set of edited pattern photos. If you like dropping teaser photos, let us know when your earliest teaser photos may be shown, and tag us in anything you post to IG or TikTok.

1 week before release: Set up your pattern page on Ravelry or a “coming soon” page on your pattern website. Even without the final pdf pattern upload, we need a link to be able to draft our weekly newsletter. We cannot include your pattern in our newsletter unless we have a Ravelry or website link. Our newsletter goes out on Thursdays. We need your link no later than the Monday before your pattern drops. 

The night before: Check your Instagram link in bio to make sure that folks can click through your IG to the pattern page. Schedule your newsletter, if you send one. Load up your Ravelry pattern page with your own professional photo set, and also lots of photos from your testers!

The day of: We have the expectation that you will make shareable posts to your social media, so promote, promote, promote! No one really knows how to slay the IG algorithm, but the more you post, the more folks will see your pattern. Choose a few of the best photos to post to your grid, but don’t forget your IG stories. Stories are great because they don’t have to be as perfect or polished as the grid photos, and you can add lots of tags and gifs to catch people’s eyes. Re-story your testers’ photos. 

And please don’t forget to tag us! If you have met our requirements for marketing, our newsletter and social media team will cross promote as much as time allows.

After release day: Keep promoting! The algorithm’s attention span is short, but you can keep the momentum going. We will continue to share your stories, and in the weeks following, we will share some of the beautiful posts and/or stories of makers who buy your pattern and knit it in our yarn!