Rhinebeck Sweater

 Andrea Mowry's Tessellated Vest and Pullover will go live on Thursday, July 13th, along with the yarns she designed them in! Click on the photos to learn more about these designs, and to preview MOONSPUN and SPINSTER'S DAUGHTER, the yarns we created with our friends at Moondrake Co. and The Farmer's Daughter Fibers for this year's Rhinebeck sweaters!

Guess what! It's that time again! Our annual collaboration with Andrea Mowry aka DreaReneeKnits is about to go live, and we are EXTRA excited about this year's secret plans!
ABOUT THE PATTERNS: Andrea has designed a vest and a pullover in our new favorite stitch pattern, and the yarns she used are gonna make you swoon! Her Tessellated duo features a stitch pattern that we can't get enough of! It's giving us serious plaid vibes, and because DRK stitch patterns are magic, you can't go wrong with either high or low contrast colors. And yes, there will be a KAL! More on that later....
ABOUT THE YARNS: Here at the Spincycle mill, we spun up our 2-ply sport weight American wool, just like the Dyed In The Wool y'all know and love, but with one crucial difference: We didn't dye it!! We sent those skeins to two of our absolute favorite dyers, Rachelle of Moondrake Co. and Candice of Farmer's Daughter Fibers, and we told them to go to town! 
The results of these collabs, Moonspun and Spinster's Daughter, make up the main colors of the vest and pullover respectively, and each also features Dyed In The Wool plus a fluffy fuzzy pairing!
Now comes the hardest part... you have to decide if you're knitting a vest or a pullover, and then you have to pick colors! We hope you have as much fun choosing and knitting as we had making these yarns!