Congrats! You're on team pullover! (Hey, there are only winners here, but you're gonna have warmer arms than those vest knitters!)

Andrea Mowry's Tessellated Pullover features a stitch pattern that we really can't get enough of! It's giving plaid vibes, and you can't go wrong with either high or low contrast yarns. It's simple and immediately memorizable, so you can put the pattern away and go find some shade to knit in for the majority of this project! The easy peasy drop shoulder and semi cropped fit make this a go-to in your wardrobe. And details like the tubular cast on/bind off and shoulder seam are quintessential DRK!

About the yarns: Here at the Spincycle mill, we spun up our 2-ply American wool sport weight, just like the Dyed In The Wool y'all know and love, but with one crucial difference: We didn't dye it!!! For this vest, we sent these undyed skeins to Candice and the dye team at Farmer's Daughter Fibers, and they went to town! The result is SPINSTER'S DAUGHTER, and it's the mc for the Tessellated Pullover. This palette includes all of our favorite FDF colors, and we hope you love them as much as we do!

The cc's are Dyed In The Wool, doing the heavy lifting of color shifting, and Oh Dang!, FDF's soft as hell suri alpaca that'll have you saying "Oh dang" on every stitch! 

As a special thank you for your support, each Andrea's Tessellated Pullover Bundle will include a free Spinster's Daughter sticker with purchase (while supplies last).