Hey there! You might have noticed that we have a LOT going on for this year's Rhinebeck Sweater collaboration, so here are the answers to some of the questions we anticipate hearing. We'll add more as they come up!

 What is the pattern and where can I find it? 

This year, we are once again honored to work with our dear friend and brilliant designer Andrea Mowry! Never short on ideas, she's giving the knitting world TWO patterns for Rhinebeck 2023: the Tessellated Vest and the Tessellated Pullover!

The patterns will be available on Ravelry and at DreaReneeKnits on Thursday, July 13th. 

What are the featured yarns? 

Each of the patterns calls for three yarns!




Where do I get the yarns?

The two brand new yarns, Moonspun and Spinster's Daughter, will be available in this online shop, and in our brick & mortar. We will also offer Oh Dang! and Fuwa Fuwa in both places! 

You can find Moonspun and everything you need to knit the Tessellated Vest online at Moondrake Co. Do not miss out on their two custom colorways in Dyed In The Wool, "Moonlight" and "Moonbeams."

You can find Spinster's Daughter and everything you need to knit the Tessellated Pullover online at The Farmer's Daughter and at the FDF brick & mortar. Do not miss out on their custom Dyed In The Wool colorway "Slow Burn."

Are they sold out already? 

If you are looking at these yarns BEFORE July 13th, you are looking at preview listings, which appear "sold out" but really they just don't have any inventory yet.

All yarns for the Rhinebeck Sweater will go live at 5am PDT (8am EDT), on our website and at Moondrake and FDF.  

Are Moonspun and Spinster's Daughter different? 

Good question! 😜 They are, in fact, the exact same base! If y'all know one thing about Spincycle, it's that we don't do solids! But sometimes it takes a great solid to make that Dyed In The Wool really sing. So we reached out to a couple of our favorite dyers to ask if they would like to work their magic on some UN-dyed Dyed In The Wool. They said yes.

Moonspun and Spinster's Daughter are the same fiber content and spin structure as Dyed In The Wool. We decided to offer a heftier put-up, at 300 yards per skein; otherwise, our mill spins them up just like DITW

They are interchangeable between the two patterns, so have fun! (Hot tip: Oh Dang! and Fuwa Fuwa can also be swapped, so the possibilities are pretty much endless.)

Is this pattern difficult? 

NO! It would make an excellent intermediate project! The Tessellated duo features a stitch pattern that we can't get enough of! It's giving us serious plaid vibes, and because DRK stitch patterns are magic, you can't go wrong with either high or low contrast colors.

Andrea Mowry's patterns have very clear layouts and are easy to follow. If you ever get stuck on something, Andrea's YouTube channel is stacked with tutorials! Check it out; you'll learn so much.

Will there be a KAL?

You bet your sweet peach there will be! More details on that will be rolled out just before pattern release day, July 13th. 

There will be check-ins along the way, IG and YouTube lives, and of course, PRIZES!

Will there be a meetup at New York Sheep & Wool?

Come on, you know this one! Of course there will be!

We will meet on the hill at 2pm on Saturday, October 21st.

Andrea Mowry will be there, as well as many of her amazing test knitters. You'll also meet Rachelle from Moondrake, your fave spinsters from Spincycle, and - fingers crossed - Candice from FDF. And best of all, YOU will be there!

Can I buy a kit?

We will list pullover and vest bundles online, but only in the original colorways used in the patterns. 

As much as we'd love to give you bundles in other color combinations, inventory management struggles are REAL, and we just don't have the bandwidth to keep track of all the size and skein requirements for other color combos.

Our amazing photography and social media duo will be showing you some of the combos that our staff are using on our main Instagram, as well as the IG for our brick & mortar. We encourage you to riff on our combos or create your own magic, but you will need to purchase those yarns à la carte.

The pattern is sold separately.