A Brief History of Spincycle Yarns
We began as a handspinnery back in 2004, the two of us kettle dyeing and spinning all of our yarn in small batches and selling at our local farmers’ market. When, in 2012, a little fiber mill opened its doors just south of our Bellingham, Washington, studio and dye house, we partnered with them to begin production of a millspun yarn that would maintain the look of our handspun yarn but which could be produced at a much faster pace. Turns out that was a pretty good idea. In the summer of 2017,  we bought that mill and moved the whole operation up to Bellingham, and under one roof. We now dye, spin, design, package and ship everything from our little warehouse on Queen St. See the contact page about visiting us!

Just the FAQs
Where is your wool from?
The wool that we use for Versus, Independence and Knit Fast, Die Young is a blend of Corriedale, Rambouillet and Columbia breeds, from sheep raised in Wyoming and Colorado. Our Dyed In The Wool line is not breed specific, but is sourced from good wool breeds raised in the USA and is superwash treated in South Carolina. All of our yarns are dyed and spun in northwest Washington.

What does “dyed in the wool” mean?
A “dyed in the wool” yarn is one that is dyed as fiber, before it’s spun into yarn. Because we kettle dye in this way, our yarns are saturated through with color. No need to worry about your sweater fading over time! With our variegated yarns, this process is the reason that the colors shift slowly and dramatically. It’s also the reason that no two skeins are alike! We like to use the phrase “allow for nuance” when we are helping customers purchase yarns for a larger project. It’s our way of saying, “Relax, or you’ll lose your mind trying to find perfectly identical skeins!”

I found a knot (or a slub or a ponytail) in my skein. What’s up with that?
Our mill is very tiny, as mills go. And the process is still very hands on, very human. No skein is perfect, though we aim high! Idiosyncrasies happen. If you run into one, we recommend breaking and splicing the yarn. Please contact us if you feel you’ve received a skein that has slipped past quality control and is too irregular.

Why don’t you list weight on your labels?
Our yarns all have a bit of a thick & thin texture. This can cause the weights to vary a little, and we can’t really control for that. What we can control is the yardage of each skein. Rest assured that the yardage is always accurate.

How should I care for my knitted items?

Here at Spincycle, we’ve worked hard to produce heirloom quality yarns. Our wool is soft but not fragile, and our yarns are spun a little tighter for durability. We recommend that you hand wash your item with a wool wash, then squeeze out excess water by pressing between towels. Lay item flat to dry, then wear the hell out of it!

A Few of Our Favorite Things
Our dynamic, color shifting yarns pair beautifully with many of the solid yarns on the market. Whether you like to knit fair isle or just simple stripes, enjoy matchmaking for sweaters and other large endeavors! Please visit our Ravelry project page for an ever growing gallery of knitted lovelies, and follow us on Instagram to see the latest patterns and yarns, as well as what our favorite customers and designers are getting up to with Spincycle Yarns!

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