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Yep, we did! It happened kinda unexpectedly... the owner of the mill we've been working with for the past five-ish years decided she was ready to move on. She gave us the news, we made an offer, the bank said okey dokey, we signed a lease on a warehouse, our contractor pimped it out, we hired some movers, they moved stuff, we hired a rigger, he moved some real heavy stuff, and there ya go. 

Um... you're right if you're thinking that little summary sounded a bit simple. This summer has been an exhausting, stressful, expensive summer. But we've also felt incredibly lucky, really proud of our growth, so pumped about the future, and grateful beyond words for the support of our friends and families, and, most of all, our wonderful customers who have made this possible!

Of course, it's still a work in progress. We made our first in-house skeins of Dyed In The Wool last week... too bad you can't break a bottle of champagne over a spinning frame... and we have finally unpacked the last few boxes of inventory. Even as I am typing this, Kate is dyeing the first batches of wool in our newly finished dye room. 

So thanks. To all of you. We couldn't have imagined this over a decade ago. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I still can't imagine it. Until I remember that this is my life. Ok, now I'm getting misty...