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Y’all. It has been two decades since we joined spinning forces and created Spincycle Yarns!

We are Kate Burge-Tibi & Rachel Price, and we began Spincycle as a handspinnery in 2004, the two of us kettle dyeing and spinning small batches of yarn and vending at Bellingham’s farmers’ market. We met while working together at the local food co-op, and we would dye and spin all week in our time off, then bring our yarns by bicycle to the Saturday market. Each and every skein passed through our hands.

Spincycle started as a way to create beautiful things with beautiful friends, and that’s still true to this day. We came for the pretty yarn, but stayed for the people. We’ve always loved getting to know our friends better through making and togetherness, and now we can cast a wider net by collaborating with many incredible designers, fellow dyers and yarn makers, as well as knitters, crocheters, weavers, sewists, and the list of makers goes on. The chance to make something that becomes an ingredient for someone’s craft is a gift that we are grateful for every day.

While the hands that make your yarn have multiplied from four to more than forty, everything you see here, from the dyeing, spinning, packing and shipping, to the gorgeous design, media, and marketing, is done in-house. Twenty years ago, we definitely could not have imagined what Spincycle would become, but we couldn’t be more proud of what it is today.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, and here’s to twenty more!

For your one-click convenience, this listing is for the skeins you'll need to knit Zanete Knit's new design in celebration of our anniversary, A Luminary Affair Collar, in these alternate colorways. 

MC: Trine (100% fine wool) 150 yards per skein; 4 skeins in 13°

CC: Dream State (100% American wool) 150 yards per skein; 2 skeins in Rosy Maple

The pattern is sold separately and can be found on Ravelry.


TRINE • worsted weight • 100% fine wool • non-superwash • 150 yards per skein • hand wash cold, lay flat to dry • DYED AND SPUN IN WASHINGTON

DREAM STATE • worsted weight • 100% superwash American wool • 150 yards per skein • hand wash cold, lay flat to dry • GROWN IN THE USA • DYED AND SPUN IN WASHINGTON

You will receive skeins from this colorway, but not the exact skeins pictured. • Due to our “dyed in the wool” process, each skein we produce is unique, even within a dyelot.  

For high contrast colorwork, we recommend steam blocking to avoid color transfer. • Some dyes are notoriously difficult to set, and may exhaust some color even after our final wash. • Please keep this in mind if you are combining any hand dyed yarn with a light color in the same project. • If you plan to combine a hand dyed yarn, especially a very saturated colorway, with a lighter yarn, we suggest you test your darker skeins for possible color transfer by soaking them first. • To wash your knitwear, a quick cold water dip with a no-rinse wool wash is recommended.