$ 79.00

What is Spin Spun you might ask? You may have heard of our mill's collaborations with The Farmers Daughter Fibers and Moondrake, resulting in The Spinster's Daughter and Moonspun, respectively.

We spin it; they dye it.

Well, Spin Spun is the very same base that we mill for our friends to dye, now available to you! The fiber content and construction is exactly the same as Dyed in the Wool, which makes it that soft, bouncy, 2-ply yarn you know and love. Dye your very own MC to pair perfectly with your favorite Dyed in the Wool for your next big project.

For Lilac & Coral, we suggest a pairing with Vibe Check. But hey, remember, you're in charge here so you do you!

Thanks to the ingenuity of Lydia from Abundant Earth Fiber, these Wool Tincture dyes are designed to bring you all the magic of dyeing without any of the hassle. There's no mixing, measuring, or calculating required. Each individual Wool Tincture is pre-measured to help you achieve a predictable color using 100 grams of clean wool.

This kit includes:

  • 2 Wool Tincture Dye Color Packs in colors Lilac & Coral (a total of 4 Tea Bags & 4 Citric Acid Packets)
  • 2 skeins of Spin Spun from Spincycle Yarns (a massive 400 yds each!)**
  • 1 chopstick 
  • A pair of nitrile gloves (size Medium)
  • an instruction pamphlet with info on safety precautions

**The Wool Tincture Dye Pack comes with enough dye for FOUR Spin Spun skeins. If you would like to buy additional skeins to use up all of your dye kit, follow this link!

This kit comes with undyed skeins. Dyed samples are shown to give an idea of approximate results.

Note: When you receive your Spin Spun skeins they will not have yet been washed. Once washed and/or dyed they will become approximately 20% fuller. Please do not gauge swatch before washing.

Wool Tinctures are acid dyes suitable for dyeing protein fibers. They will not adhere to cellulose fibers like cotton, linen, or hemp.


SPIN SPUN • sport weight • 100% superwashed American wool • 400 yards per skein • hand wash cold, lay flat to dry MADE IN THE USA • SPUN IN WA

For high contrast colorwork, we recommend steam blocking to avoid color transfer. • Some dyes are notoriously difficult to set, and may exhaust some color even after our final wash. • Please keep this in mind if you are combining any hand dyed yarn with a light color in the same project. • If you plan to combine a hand dyed yarn, especially a very saturated colorway, with a lighter yarn, we suggest you test your darker skeins for possible color transfer by soaking them first. • To wash your knitwear, a quick cold water dip with a no-rinse wool wash is recommended.