$ 27.00

Our custom Cordsmith has had a bonafide glow up. For all of your late night knitting needs, this tool now GLOWS IN THE DARK. Watch her transform from a sweet coral hue to a phosphorescent glimmer with the flick of a switch. Complete with the Spincycle stamp of approval with our sheep logo.

What is a Cordsmith? Well, ever needed to make an i-cord, but you just couldn't bring yourself to knit and slide those fiddly little stitches over and over again? It seems like it should be easy, but it's just SO annoying. The anxiety builds and the procrastination begins. Stop. Just stop right there. Because our good friend and incredible sample knitter, Autumn Eden-Goodman, has created the tool to solve all of your i-cord woes. 

The Cordsmith is a simple tool that allows you to create a row of i-cord with a single movement, replacing three knit stitches and the time it takes to slide your stitches back to your working needle again. The handle is made from 3D printed plastic with three stainless steel latch needles. It has been successfully tested on fingering weight yarn up to bulky!