$ 138.00

If you saw sisters Rachel and Micah multitasking at Rhinebeck, aka knitting while walking, then you probably noticed their très chic project bags. 

Were you obsessed? Have you ever wanted to wear a project bag so luxe that you could knit your way through a black tie event? Or maybe you just know that the yarn you're knitting with is too pretty to go deep into the depths of a "normal" project bag? 

Listen, we KNOW. 💅

So we collaborated with Geo.metry, and we now have our very own deep deep blue yarn cocoon, with our logo embossed in gold. 

Just open the snaps and pop in your ball of yarn! Each cage has a short handle as well as a longer shoulder strap, each with the gold Spincycle logo. 

This larger version is perfect for big balls and colorwork, since you can fit two cakes inside this cocoon.

Handmade in vegetable tanned leather in Denmark.

Diameter - 17 cm Height - 16.3 cm