Hello there and welcome to our first in-house KAL! 

Have y'all noticed that the spinsters are huge fans of Olga Buraya-Kefelian and of her immensely wearable and stylish Roku Hat? If you put them all together, Kate, Rachel, and Micah must have a couple dozen of them at least! 

So why stop now? We are hosting a Roku KAL! We're featuring our new worsted weight marl, TRINE, and we're pretty sure this is gonna be your go-to knitted gift this year. The KAL will run from November 19 - December 10. To enter, all you have to do is post a photo of your finished Roku to either the Facebook or the Ravelry group! 

Find the Ravelry forum HERE and the Facebook group HERE

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and use #TRINErokuKAL so we can see your WIPs! 

See how many knitworthy names you can cross off the gift list with this quick project! Wear it up high, or fold the brim for extra warmth, choose a subtle and sophisticated colorway, or go bright. Whoever you're knitting for, we've got a colorway for them!

You will probably need only one skein of TRINE for the smallest size (remember that gauge matters, and this is an approximate recommendation), and you will definitely need two skeins for the medium and large. Find the pattern HERE