the Faces (& Values!) of Spincycle Yarns

We thought you'd enjoy a little glimpse of the faces of the people who make your yarn! Scroll all the way down to read a bit about our values as a company and how YOU support the humans of Spincycle when you buy our yarns!


What do your yarn dollars support when you buy Spincycle Yarns? Read on, friends, and find out!

  • We source American wool! That way, we shrink our carbon footprint, support sustainable ranching practices, and avoid shipping & supply chain inflation.
  • We work towards zero waste. Thanks to Metamorphic, our recycled wool yarn, we throw away almost no fiber at all, and what we absolutely can't use is composted. Whenever possible, we avoid single use plastic, and recycle everything we can.
  • We are in the planning phase of renovating a vacant building in our downtown, to house our mill, offices and retail shop, including a switch to full solar power for all milling equipment.
  • We are proud of our diverse staff and our predominantly female management and leadership team. We work hard to be a come-as-you-are workplace that respects and celebrates all identities.
  • We're a family-friendly work place. We make sure schedules work for parents, and we pay time-and-a-half rates on holidays that keeps kids out of school. Childcare is expensive!
  • If you're familiar with American manufacturing, you know that much has been sent overseas. Thanks to the Berry Amendment, we have a small shred of wool milling left in the US, and the rest is up to us to rebuild. That leaves it to us to train our team of wool millers, so job security and retention is the name of the game!
  • We pay all of our staff a living wage with scheduled raises. Thanks to Princeton University, there's some very helpful guidance for wage structure.
  • We offer health care! It's one of our biggest costs, but we believe healthcare is a human right, so we offer affordable healthcare to all our full-time employees. 
  • Work/Life balance is huge, so we offer set schedules to make sure our people can plan a life outside of work! That includes paid vacation!
  • Since we are trying to offer careers, not just jobs, we have a 401(k) retirement plan, with matching funds and annual profit sharing.