It's time for our fifth annual Rhinebeck sweater collaboration with Andrea Mowry & Magpie Fibers, and, as always, this design is already a classic. 

Meant for two colors of our Magpie x Spincycle yarn baby Dyed In The Skein, one colorway of Dyed In The Wool or Nocturne, and one skein of something with amazing texture and fluff (we recommend Plume or Feather from Magpie Fibers), Alpenglow is one where you can really play with colors! Punch it up with a high contrast mix, or tone it down with low contrast subtlety. Any way you approach it, it is going to shine!

And guess what... if you haven't scrolled down enough to notice a very handsome gentleman gracing this page, well, keep it movin' folks... because Andrea has actually designed TWO sweaters this year! One has narrower shoulders and a slightly cropped, femme silhouette. The other has broader more traditionally masculine shaping (hey, we know clothing doesn't have a gender, so you do YOU!) and a longer body. What's your pleasure???

We didn't put bundles together because we KNOW how much y'all love to design your own color stories, but below in the grid we have put together some nice pairing ideas. We can't wait to see what y'all do!

The patterns are sold separately. Find them at or on Ravelry here and here