A little moth magic for you? We got that.

Cat Clark, designer and owner of Brooklyn General Store, doesn't design a ton of sweaters, but when she does, hang onto your needles. Her work is breathtaking, stylized... a whole entire MOOD. Noctuidae is no exception. 

Ever seen a moth get its little bell rung by flying too close to a light bulb? That was us when we saw previews of this design.

Noctuidae uses three colors of varying intensity, a light main color and a very dark first contrast color, which lets you choose just about any color of Dyed In The Wool for the second contrast color. You don't have to worry about losing the motif in a low contrast moment when the wings of the moths are framed in a deep, rich tone. It's absolutely brilliant in its concept, and the motif knitting.... well.... let's just say you won't get bored!

Our sample is knit in our Wilder in "light grey," Tukuwool Fingering in "Raku” for the dark moth outlines, and our Dyed In The Wool in "The Meadows" for the wings. 

Noctuidae is live on Ravelry, and the exclusive colorway of the same name is available at Brooklyn General Store while it lasts.