We will be donating 100% of Mill Ends Bundle sales to:

National Network Of Abortion Funds

Black Mental Health Alliance

Big shout out to Adella of LolaBean Yarn Co. for introducing us to BMHA and all the amazing work they do to make mental health care accessible to the Black community.

Spincycle Yarns fully supports the bodily autonomy of all Women & folks who can become pregnant. We unequivocally stand against forced birth and stand for full reproductive healthcare including abortion care.

What's a Mill Ends Bundle?
Our Mill Ends Bundles are made up of several short skeins of the same color and dye lot. Mill ends are the yardage on bobbins that won't make up a full skein, also known as "shorties." For the bundles, we collect several shorties and put them together into one jumbo bundle of first quality yarn. If you don't mind a little splicing, this is an amazing deal!



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