How To Order

Hi! Welcome! Here's a quick tutorial on how to use our stockists' portal to order yarn for your shop! Remember, you won't be able to access the portal unless you are LOGGED IN!

~FIRST TIMERS~  If you are a brick & mortar yarn shop interested in carrying Spincycle Yarns, we will first need to you create an account. Look for the button that says Log In or Create Account.

Once you've created an account, please let us know. (We need to manually attach a "key" to your account so that you can view the wholesale section of our website. This can take a few hours to a day. Please be patient.)

Ok, now that's done! On to ordering!

1) Go to the wholesale section. Click on the yarn you love. Prices listed are at wholesale. 

2) Add what you love to your cart!

3) At checkout, you will be prompted for your credit card or paypal info, or a discount code for Net 30 terms. * 

~FIRST TIMERS~  Your minimum opening order is $1200. 

4) There is no minimum for reorders. ** 

5) Shipping will be invoiced separately, based on actual cost.

6) Now that your order is complete, go to our Stockists list and make sure that we remembered to add you and that your info is accurate. Let us know if there's an issue. Thanks so much!

* If you have ordered at least one time before and are all paid up on your last order, we will be delighted to provide you with a code so that you can shop here and pay later! Just email or call to ask!

** However, if you haven't reordered in a while, we may remove you from our Stockists list. (There's nothing sadder than a customer who's driven an hour to see some Spincycle Yarns in person, only to find two skeins on the shelf!)