The Throwback Sweater!

$ 60.00

Even before the official release of Dream State back in June, Andrea Mowry was sketching and plotting and scheming this sweater. I'm only telling you this so you can be amazed at how good we were at sitting on this big surprise! And now it's time... the pattern is out and fall is in the air and nothing could be more exciting for knitters!

Here are some hand-picked duos* and trios of Dream State, named after the test knitters and yarn makers who chose them! If you haven't grabbed your Magpie Fibers Domestic Worsted for the main color, click here to see her stunning selection of solids. Ok go!!!

* the pattern calls for three colorways of Dream State, but a couple of rebels i know decided to use the same colorway for A and C, with colorway B sandwiched in between, and the effect is super cool! The yardage has been sufficient for the sweaters we’ve seen so far, but if you’re considering the larger sizes, you made need a third skein, which you can find in the Dream State section of our online shop!