Mending Your Wool Knits Workshop w/ WrenBird Arts

$ 85.00

Sunday, March 12 from 1-4pm

112 Grand Ave. Ste. 105

Bellingham, WA 98225

Join us at Spincycle Yarns & Supply Co. for a workshop led by Erin Eggenburg!

We are wool people, right? And wherever there's wool, there's an errant wool moth. If you're lucky enough to avoid those little a$$holes, you've still probably had a snag in your knits, or just worn the elbows out of your favorite sweater? Fix your tattered socks, sweaters, and knit textiles with a simple woven type of mending known as darning. In this 3-hour workshop you’ll learn three different types of darning and practice each technique on a provided sampler. Bring your knits in need of darning, and leave with a plan for mending. Visible mending/darning is a beautiful way to honor your favorite clothes, add a bit of flair, and keep your textiles in rotation and out of landfills. 

A note from Rachel: We've been in conversation about bringing this class to Supply Co. for a while now, and I've been saving up a pretty good pile of knits that need some love: my favorite house socks, a pair of woolen unders that found themselves on the losing end of a wool moth argument, and my absolute favorite upcycled cashmere longjohns that I have worn into near nonexistence. I can't wait to see what everyone brings to this workshop!

In this 3-hour workshop you will:

• learn what darning is

• gain insight of darning materials and how to choose which materials to use for specific darning projects

• receive an explanation and hands-on practice of three darning techniques 

• get an opportunity to ask questions about your specific repair


Materials (provided):

darning needles (or yarn needles)

• thicker thread or yarn 

• hoop, mushrooms, eggs, and more

• scissors

About the Instructor 

Erin Eggenburg is a maker, mender, and author and instructor who resides in Portland, OR. She is the owner of wrenbirdarts, a mending supply shop and upcycled hankie business, and author of The Mending Directory. Erin teaches a variety of visible mending and embroidery classes regularly. Learn more about her visible mending projects at


This class is only offered in-person at our Bellingham brick & mortar. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon!