Happy Accident! - Melancholia 3-ply
Happy Accident! - Melancholia 3-ply

Happy Accident! - Melancholia 3-ply

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Blame it on being understaffed and out of practice milling! Blame it on pregnancy! Blame it on the rain! (Bonus points if you got that 80's reference!)

Kate forgot to turn a dial on the plyer and an entire batch of Dream State in "Melancholia" got plied too tightly. But we're living by pandemic rules and we're all about making lemonade out of lemons... so when she took a skein home and started swatching, she realized that it knits up beautifully, like a dense, more tonal version of our Dyed In The Wool sport weight. 

Each skein is 150 yards of our 100% superwashed American wool. It's something like sport, although with the extra density, you could possibly use it as a dk. This yarn is going to be sturdy as hell, so if you're looking for a work horse of a sweater, or some socks you can go chop and stack wood in, this is your yarn!

We've set the twist, as we always do, and it's still a little energized, as an overplied yarn will be. If you're a handspinner, you'll know what this means. In layperson's terms, this means that the yarn isn't totally balanced and wants to twist just a smidge. If this shows up in your knitting at all, it will show up as a slight "lean" to your rows, especially in ribbing. No big deal though, in our opinion! 

We hope you enjoy and we can't wait to see what you knit up with this OOAK batch!

Please note: These yarns will arrive unlabeled, since they are not part of any normal yarn line from Spincycle, so be sure to make a note of yardage and fiber content if you need that info!