Fever Dreams Bundle No. 3 - Versus & Nocturne (large)

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With the re-release of this in-house shawl pattern, we had to put together some new bundles!

We’re blown away at how much y’all still love this shawl! We don’t design often - we prefer to stay in our lane and leave it to the experts - but the awesomeness of this honeycomb stitch has been a source of inspiration for two of our best designs. (See our Hank Hat on Ravelry for another iteration!)

Fever Dreams is an intermediate level pattern that features a simple slipped stitch dot motif and an interesting and easy to memorize honeycomb stitch.

This large Fever Dreams bundle includes

  • four skeins of Versus (100% fine wool, dk weight, 200 yards each); colorway shown is: "Flora & Fauna"
  • three skeins of Nocturne (100% fine wool, sport weight, 200 yards each); colorway shown is: "Silhouette"

The pattern is now available in our Ravelry store only!