AFTERTHOUGHT BUTTON in brown leather - from Purl & Hank

$ 16.00

These big and beautiful leather buttons are so versatile!

Are you a shawl knitter but that experience of having a shawl with a mind of its own, falling off your shoulders at every opportunity really rides your last nerve? You can use one of these afterthought buttons as a semi-permanent closure! Pick a spot to fasten your shawl, unscrew the metal post, and re-fasten! The backside has a second, washer-like leather disc so your gorgeous knitting won't get tugged!

Oh, and that's not the only way to use the afterthought button... You can actually use these in the traditional way, having knit a button hold, but instead of worrying about ruining the leather when you hand wash your cardigan, simply and easily remove the buttons before washing to preserve the high quality leather! How smart is that?? Umm maybe we should have called it the "forethought button."

This listing is for one brown leather button with leather "washer" and metal screw post. Button is approximately 1.75" in diameter. Leather is a natural material; if you order multiples, expect some variance in texture and color.