About Our Pre-Orders

When some of our products are in high demand, such as the Nightshift Shawl Bundle, we will make them available through a pre-order.

The reason for this is that we are often out of stock just from orders placed by our Stockists alone. So to make them available to our online customers, we need to carve out a small window in our production schedule. This gives us a very finite number of skeins that we can make and still stay on schedule. Typically, we can offer about 60-100 bundles of Nightshift, for example, before we need to cut it off and get back to stocking our lovely yarn shops with their orders.

We wish we could send out yarn to all of you today, but for the time being, this is what we are able to do.

Here are a few things we think it might be helpful to know:

  • Our preorders sell out VERY QUICKLY. If the orders open at noon and the listing says "sold out" at 12:02, our website is not broken and we are not "playing games." (Sadly, i am quoting from some hate mail we have received). That's just how fast it went.
  • We will continue to periodically offer pre-orders until sales begin to slow down. We want you all to have the yarn as bad as you do!
  • Adding yarn to your cart won't reserve it for you. It isn't yours until you make it all the way through the purchase process.
  • To beat the crowds frantically typing in their information at check out, consider creating an account on our website ahead of time for a quicker purchase process. You'll find the "create an account" button in the upper lefthand corner of your screen on our homepage.
  • Lastly, but to us, most importantly, please remember that we are real people with real feelings. When you write an angry email, it is opened by one of the owners of Spincycle, who has probably worked 50+ hours that week and maybe missed a kid's karate meet or two, to try to supply as many folks as possible with yarn. Please don't take advantage of online anonymity to berate or threaten us. At the end of the day, y'all, it's just yarn.