The Plump Cardi

You'll have to forgive us for teasing you so bad with these Plump Cardi details, since the pattern won't be out for another two weeks... we promise we're not just mean like that!

We had a little hiccup in timing, and while we hashtag nailed it on coordinating Plump's release with @knittingruinedmylife aka Maral Mokri's Double Plump Hat, we didn't quite get in sync with this pattern. That's why Maral has so generously let us share the yardage requirements and schematic!

If you think you cannot live without this cardi, we strongly encourage y'all to scoop up all the Plump you need now. We can't guarantee it will be in stock when the pattern drops on March 16th!

So, a peek behind the curtain of small biz collab probs aside, let's talk about this sweater!!

Maral's forthcoming Plump Cardi is the most elegant and fitted bulky weight sweater ever! I mean, really, peep that hemline! She is all curves and swerves. Plus, POCKETS! Sorry for yelling, but it really can't be helped. 

And what do you need to know to stash enhance in anticipation? Here ya go!

Designed to be worn with 3-5” of positive ease. 
Sizes: 1 (2 ,3, 4)(5, 6, 7)(8, 9) 
632 (695, 759, 825) (893, 971, 1051) (1133, 1216) yards