Wax & Wool * Hinoki Dokie

$ 19.00 $ 25.00

Due to that always-changing supply chain that has been keeping everyone on their toes lately, this scent is being reformulated! We love the old version (ok, the new one is amazing too) but we won't be restocking this exact one, so we are moving it along at a discount!



What can you expect from Hinoki Dokie? It's subtle, yet woody and bright. It's got forest vibes that won't overwhelm even a small space, so go ahead and light her up while you soak in the tub!

The folks over at Spincycle Yarns & Supply Co. have been loving it so we decided to share it with you all online. You're welcome.

Hinoki Dokie uses all natural essential oils.

*Made exclusively for us by Wax & Wool

*Poured by hand in small batches in the Pacific Northwest

*100% soy wax and essential oils; phthalate- and paraffin-free premium scents for an incredibly clean burn

*Estimated 50-hr burn time

A note about burning:
For best results, let candle burn at least two hours before extinguishing. This will allow the wax to melt all the way to the edges and result in a cleaner, more efficient burn. Trim your wick to approximately ¼” before lighting your candle.