It's here. Folks have been begging Andrea for a cardigan version of her game-changer of a pullover, Shifty. And here we go! We all now have a VERY good excuse to knit a new sweater.

The Shifty really taught us all how to combine and contrast Dyed In The Wool or Nocturne to suit each knitter's personality.

Are you a jewel tone or a neutral? Are you high contrast or low? Do you micromanage your skeins to death or do you let Jesus take the wheel? We have been blown away watching y'all shift your Shift things!

So what do we have here? We've got a few little bundles for ya! Now, if you are going rogue, read no more and head DIRECTLY to the Dyed In The Wool or Nocturne collections and go nuts!

But if you need a little kick in the pants, browse the bundles below! Of course we have included Andrea's original colorway bundle, as well as bundles to recreate our dear friends Kiara and Rebecca's bundles!

Stash busting? We also put together bundles for the contrast colors only, to recreate Rachel and Madeline's stash-busting cardigans. Just add your own main color!

And of course, find the pattern at