SECONDS (all sales final!)


LIVE on Thursday, February 4, 2021, at NOON Pacific Standard Time ****

... Sometimes things don't go according to plan. We usually have a skein or two from every lot that has a bad splice or spins up a bit... odd. Very occasionally, we'll have a whole batch that goes tragically awry.

If you LOVE A DEAL and don't mind an overweight or underweight skein, the occasional bad splice, a slub, some dye bleed, or funny little pigtails in the ply, maybe you'd like to bring one of these misfits home!

ABOUT RETURNS ... ALL SALES ON SECONDS ARE FINAL!  We will not be able to offer ball-winding service add-on for these items, and we can't guarantee that multiple skeins from a colorway will match each other well. 

ABOUT SPEED ... Our analytics tell us that the people who are able to complete checkout fastest are folks with ApplePay on their phones, or PayPal and Google Pay on their laptops. Those folks trying to type in their cc numbers at checkout almost never make it through in time.

 ABOUT "CART JACKING" ... Adding yarn to your cart won't reserve it for you. It isn't yours until you make it all the way through the purchase process. We get a lot of emails from folks whose coveted items disappeared from their carts while shopping for more yarn or while checking out. Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer shopping cart holds. That's a very sweet feature you've probably enjoyed when buying airline or concert tickets, but it's just not a thing on small business commerce websites.

 ABOUT WHAT MAKES A "SECONDS" ... We were able, in previous sales, to list the reason each batch was considered a "seconds." Unfortunately, due to a few very time consuming customer service interactions over individual skein idiosyncrasies, we no longer disclose specific reasons. Please see the above list of why we "seconds" a skein.

Now that we've covered all the disclaimers, have fun, be nice, and don't send us any hate mail if this sale goes quickly. 

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