Little Skein Earrings

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Our amazing skein processor, Kourtney, has been making these little tiny micro skeins from bobbin waste and turning them into earrings!

Can you even handle the cuteness? Can you love the re-use/recycle spirit any more than this? Can you even think of a better stocking stuffer? Can you? Can you???

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Earring posts are nickel-free.

In Kourtney's own words: "After we’ve spun and plied our dyed fiber, there is often a single ply leftover on our bobbins. In the past, this 'scrap' has been thrown away. That is, until I had this idea for reducing waste and making wearable art! The kind spinsters have set these precious bits aside for me, and you can often find me digging through the waste bins at the end of my shift. These mini-skeins are made in my own mini-mini mill at home. Using a crochet hook and pliers, the mini-skeins are tied using the exact knots we use on our full sized skeins - so feel free to untwist them if you have an extreme yarning emergency!"