Knit Kate's Douglas Cardi! - Metamorphic Bundle

$ 230.00

Y'all are freaking out about Kate's WIP, and we get it! She's knitting Andrea Mowry's Douglas Cardi in the five newest colors of Metamorphic, and it's definitely inspirational! So here ya go: Metamorphic bundles for the Douglas Cardi!

The bundle contains five full yardage skeins of Metamorphic: Cool Black No.7, Grey-Grey No.3, Grey-Yellow No. 2, Grey-Green No. 3, and Grey-Pink No.4; 2000 yards total 

Guess what! The buttons are included! You will also receive 5 of our Purl & Hank brown leather buttons. 

Please note: This bundle will accommodates yardage requirements up to size 4, at which point you'll need more of one color only, and then at size 6, a second skein of a second color will be needed. While our inventory management system for this online shop won't support sweater bundles for different sizes, our humans will!

If you need extra skeins for your yardage requirements, we are holding a certain amount of back stock just for you! Please email and we will set up a private listing for you to add your skeins. 

50% recycled wool
50% merino wool

dk weight • 50% american wool + 50% merino wool • 400 yards per skein • hand wash or machine wash cold, lay flat to dry • MADE IN THE USA 

Because of the extremely small-batch nature of this yarn, it will only be available directly from us... and once the specific batch is gone, it's gone! More than ever, we recommend buying the entire quantity needed for a project at once.