: freedom from outside control or support: the state of being independent

We are very pleased to introduce Independence, a completely domestic yarn! The sheep are raised in the midwestern US; the fiber is dyed and milled on the west coast of Washington. We support our local economy; that's how we got our start as a handspinnery and it's where our hearts lie.

This yarn is a balanced, aran weight single, with the thick-and-thin texture of a handspun yarn. We kettle dye each batch with care and intention, and our meticulous milling ensures that our yarn maintains the color artistry of our original handspun product. Unique, luxe, and handmade sustainably in the USA.

The color transitions are slow and dramatic, and each skein is unique. When planning larger projects requiring more than one skein, allow for nuance.

aran weight yarn // 100% American wool // 200 yards per skein // MADE IN THE USA FROM SHEEP TO SKEIN