We *love* HometownKnits July 16 2014

You know those folks who wake up every day and just throw something on... and look freaking FABULOUS?! Then they do it again the next day? And the next!?

Simone is one of those people. We know her from our LYS here in Bellingham, Northwest Handspun Yarns. When she isn't working there, she is planning and plotting her next knitwear design for Spincycle. (She thinks she's living the dream, but we think WE are the lucky ones... Shhhhh...).

Her newest design (yup, that's the one, right up there) is called Jonesy. It's in testing at the moment. So far, XXS through S sizes have passed with flying colors! It's knit in our Dyed In The Wool; the colorway shown is a custom, limited run for Knit Purl in Portland, Oregon. They call it Eastbank Esplanade, and it's still available - from Knit Purl only! - while skeins last!

Cropped, asymmetrical, raglan, and featuring adorable gratuitous buttons... Forget about it. We are smitten.

Follow Simone (as username hometownknits) on Ravelry. Let her inspire you.

Here are a few more ways Simone has made our yarns SING...

Laneway by Veera Valimaki, knit in Dyed In The Wool "Robin's Egg" and a semisolid sock yarn!


Laneway / Mon Petit Gilet Raye hybrid, knit in Dyed In The Wool "Kimono" and a solid fingering weight.