Who ARE those sassy spinsters?!

Kate and Rachel.                    

The clouds parted when these two met... no trivial occurrence in the dreary Pacific Northwest.

Armed only with a couple of used spinning wheels and their finicky tastes in yarn, they set out to spin up the most beautiful yarns they could imagine.

Inspired by the rich colors of their surroundings, and using local and/or organic fibers, they hand-dye every batch and spin every inch in their messy little studio in downtown Bellingham, Washington.

Nowadays, these spinsters have about five wheels between the two of them - one is electric and girl, does it fly!!! They are happy to say that the business of yarn has taken them to cities big and small, and provided not a little hobnobbing with some amazing knitwear designers! 

Spincycle's gorgeous, one-of-a kind handspun yarns are available online, in select knitting stores, at indy craft festivals (Urban Craft Uprising and the Renegade circuit), and at the occasional knitting convention (Stitches and Vogue Knitting Live). Dyed In The Wool, the newest line of yarns from these industrious ladies, debuts in Spring 2013.